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Custom Embroidered Patches 101: Basic Facts About Types And Uses

Patches are the new talk of the town. They are customizable badges that enhance your wardrobe like nothing else. We like to call them the star performer because of their versatility. They adjust anywhere, anyhow. Be it a concert or your boring job, the patches are relevant in all spaces and times.

Moreover, they can be worn anywhere. Use them to dazzle your outfit of the day or put them on your jeans to create a statement look. Even your best friends might ditch you, but a good-quality patch will never. They are powerful enough to leave an impression without the need for words. Apart from this, their small compact design is a total heart stealer.

The words cannot do justice to what magical wonders these badges are. Therefore, here is a whole blog dedicated to the magnificence of custom embroidery patches.

In The World Of Exquisite Fashion – Custom Embroidery Patches

Change is the only constant of nature, and thus, every phenomenon is subject to change, and so are these little bits of magic. Looking back on their journey, they were not always this affordable. In the era before the Industrial Revolution, the royals would get them made exclusively for themselves. Especially to wear on big occasions like crowning ceremonies and public appearances.

Back then, there were no machines and these made-to-order delicacies were prepared for weeks by hand. All the labor that it took made it super expensive in those times. However, with the introduction of machines came mass production. It changes everything in a matter of days.

The once-exclusive patches were now made in bulk. This process not only reduced their price but also made them accessible to every common person. Hence, the elitism nearly died.

The Original Gangster Is Back!

Not only is it back but also, it is back with a bang! Gucci played the OG revival move by taking the customizable patches to the fashion walk. Seemed a little odd, but how clever of a tactic it was. It became a colossal trend. Badges that were earlier trending to display rank and names are now there as blank canvases for self-notions.

People use these attention-grabbing materials for a variety of reasons. They help spark conversation, they are icebreakers, they are influential, they are expressive, and they raise awareness. Hence, they are indeed silent warriors, telling stories.

Masters Of Diversity…

Talking of diversity, these cost-effective tools are very rich in terms of range. They have around seven different types. Going from embroidered to PVC to chenille, to bullion, to woven, to leather, and printed. Each one of these series is different from the other. The usage is also poles apart.

For instance, embroidered and woven patches are good for uniform badges. Meanwhile, PVC, also known as rubber badges, can survive outdoor conditions. Moving on, the chenille ones are a symbol of retro fashion. In addition, the leather patches look mesmerizing on leather outfits and bags. However, there are still two badge types left: bullion and printed. Printed badges are trending and are the best gifting items, while bullion ones are a great match for character costumes.

Hence, it is evident that the embroidered patches are more than just accessories. They evoke emotions in assorted ways through their diverse range. Furthermore, they are the go-to fundraising merchandise. No one ever can say no to a cute patch.

The Crown Of Versatility…

Embroidered Patches UAE are the most deserving candidates for the versatility crown. Their sleek bodies and portable size are so comfortable to wear. They can easily be stored as well. Moreover, they are available in all forms and proportions.


They are surely the perfect gifting materials. Their highly personalized nature enables you to enjoy creative freedom. Do whatever you want with the clean canvases. Paint them whatever color. Throw in all those jazz shapes and words. There are no limitations! Go for any text or design and create mementos for your dear ones.  The person receiving the gift also understands how much effort you have dedicated to this token of love. The other person feels valued and special; therefore, the purpose of the gift is complete.


Other than that, these badges are also limited edition collectibles. There still are people who are collectors for real. Their hobby is to get hold of every unique item that comes to their sight. Hence, many businesses and musical bands use this as an opportunity to launch their one-time collections. This act leads them to gain consumer attention in no time, as everybody wants that exclusive article. At times, people are all set to pay twice the price to buy them.


Across the globe, people use the badges to break language barriers. It is common for people to wear brooches and support athletes, political agendas, social causes, and environmental campaigns. Likewise, these wearable symbols are famous for conveying messages mutely to drive change, such as standing against an administrative party and wearing a badge as a peaceful protest. Another example could be using short quotes to act as daily reminders like ‘never give up’ and ‘you are imperfectly perfect’.

Not only this, but the patches are great accessories, too. Need a head accessory to complete your look? Paste a cute fabric piece into your solid-colored headband, and voila! There you have it. Moreover, you can attach hooks and rings to the badges and create some statement neckchains and earrings. We are sure that earrings like those will turn heads around in public.


The timeless embroidered patches do so much for us. They become nametags for military officers. They act as cost-effective giveaways at corporate events. Moreover, they also are hands-down the most prestigious gifts ever. Solely one gift like this can make someone’s day.

Apart from this, wearing rank brooches adds to the esteem of employees. These gestures give them a sense of recognition and keep them motivated towards work. In addition, the rank brooches develop inclusivity among employees.

Thus, that is all… this was a compact description of what embroidered patches are and what is there to know about them. Now it is your turn to go get a patch. It could be an image of the player, a character’s face, or a quote that stirs your soul. Hence, anything that inspires you.

Good Luck finding the perfect design!

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