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Iron-On Patches | 8 Different Ways To Style Them In 2024

Do you have any idea regarding how logos and patches are becoming in vogue day by day?

Well, as a matter of fact, patches, truly are an exceptional part of our everyday clothing. If you do not have patches on your clothes, you better get them right now. Or else you might look uncool.

There is no flicker of doubt that these add-ons possess the power to make any item of clothing fascinating and unique. This is what makes the people go gaga over them. These add-ons offer a personalized look to the garments and make the wearers stand apart from the crowd.

Way back in the 60s, hippie patches with peace signs and flowers used to be all the rage. Later, these emblems transformed to match the neon vibes of the 70s, punk 80s, and grunge trends in the 90s, and are still popular in recent days. Brands like Forever 21 and indie fashion brands cherish these patches a lot.

During their vast history, these emblems have been a seamless and budget-friendly way to spice up any look or display a bolder picture.

Thus, to add more to this tradition, we have compiled some fun and creative ways to wear iron-on patches. So, read below and become the next trendsetter in your group.

Add Some Pizzazz To Your Day-To-Day Clothing

Wear Iron-On Patches On Your Denim Jacket

We are beginning our list with the most innovative idea – wearing an iron-on patch on the back of your jacket. For this, a larger-sized patch would do an excellent job. 1.       Do you wish to go for an exceptional style? Attach your add-on over the pocket space of your denim jacket.

2.       Trying to make your jacket look funkier? Why not make a mural with a bunch of custom iron-on patches having similar themes and shades?

These ideas would tell a lot more about your creative personality. Furthermore, you can also seek more creative ideas from Pinterest about styling patches on a denim jacket. We are sure you will find jaw-dropping styling ways over there. After all, Pinterest is known for having inspiring ideas that never cease to amaze users.

Create Cute Collars

This one is our favorite! If you are also like us and are fed up with attaching patches on the front and back sides of your tees, then this style is especially for you! That is correct! You can add a unique touch to your apparel by decorating the collar of your jumpers or tees with tiny little patches. By doing so, you will take your emblem to a whole different level of cuteness. Trust us, it would be an epic game-changer for your garments. So, what is stopping you from turning your boring and lifeless collar into an ultimate fashionista accessory? You can easily pull this off by attaching the same patch or two matching add-ons on either side of your collar.

A Bit Of Extra Decoration For Your T-Shirt

As a minimalist, you might love to wear items of clothing that are the epitome of simplicity, right? But we also know that at times, such simplicity haunts you. Thus, to add a bit of extra decoration, having patches right by your side is always a nice idea.

If you are bored of your plain t-shirt, then, instead of getting rid of it, give it a new lease of life by adding a bunch of aesthetic patches on it. Opt for the ones that have catchy messages and vibrant hues. To satisfy your inner minimalist spirit, we would suggest you add a single patch to your garment. As it would be the most suitable way to rock your shirt and complement your sophisticated style

Introduce Add-On On The Knee And Shoulder For An Exceptional Style

Embrace the trendy style by introducing patches to the knees or shoulders of your leather or denim outerwear. Adding add-ons on these two spots specifically will give your garment an edgy and one-of-a-kind look. Select eye-striking emblems having aesthetic colors, meaningful messages, and compelling designs. Now, there are a lot of different types of patches available in the market, but to rock this style, we recommend you opt for the iron-on add-ons. Right after your denim or leather outerwear is all set, pair it up with ripped jeans and a basic white shirt.

Phone Cases

Technically speaking, iron-on emblems cannot be used on plastic phone covers. You must be wondering that it is impossible, right? How about we tell you that it is an emerging trend and a lot of people are sticking them on the back of their phone cases? Trust us! Such phone covers look so dope when doodle-like and brightly-hued patches are used on them.

However, instead of using heat, we suggest you use strong adhesive glue to attach those funky pieces to keep up with the in-vogue trend. Steer clear from using larger add-ons for your phone case. Rather, it would look cuter if you opt for a bunch of tiny emblems based on your most cherished theme such as animals, emojis, food, plants, cartoons, etc.

Rock Your School Backpacks

If you are willing to turn your college or school backpack into a ’90s glory, then rock it with some funky patches. The sort of patches you opt for would make your bag either cute, aesthetic, hot, classic, or anything that you like. Even though it was a hot trend in the 90s, but feel confident to bring it back. Psst! For a more dope look, try adding a bunch of cool patches to the front zipped pocket space of your backpack.

Track Jackets Are The Most Dope Code For Dressing

Unquestionably, track jackets are the most dope dressing code anyone can use to get a modern look. The deadly combination of heat-activated patches and track outerwear is an ideal way to get your hands on hot attire. 

This fusion is no doubt one of the most captivating ones and it sure is perfect for any occasion. Style these fun jackets with a black tee, monotonous track pants, and sneakers. Moreover, do not forget to complete the look with a classic beaded bracelet and a modern digital watch.

To work on this style, you can get your hands on some affordable patches in UAE by contacting authentic and well-reputed companies online. There are dozens of great add-ons that can offer the best quality emblems at a pocket-friendly rate.

Go For An Authentic Hippie Style

If you want to radiate hippie vibes, then you must know one thing and one thing only. I.e. Hippies are all about bold-hued apparel and fascinating styles including long skirts, peasant blouses, bell bottoms, vests, and much more. To sprinkle a bit more funkiness, try introducing some iron-on emblems that have hippie fashion themes onto your garments. You can look up online to know more about the hippie-themes add-ons.

Summing It All Up!

The iron-on emblems fashion is inspiring and fun, isn’t it? Thus, it makes them an ideal accessory to get innovative with. No matter if it is on a collar or outerwear, attaching iron-on emblems dramatically adds a dash of personality and punk to your garments. While styling your patches, it is always a great plan to think about what part of your garment will require more decoration, and there you have it! Use your creative imagination to get your emblems personalized exactly how you want them to be. Rock them anywhere you want to. Quick Tip? Keep the rest of your outfit simple and minimalistic to make your patches get all the attention.

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