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Patch Care 101: Tips To Clean Your Custom Embroidery Patches

Laundry! It just does not seem to end, does it? Nuh-uh! Especially when an entire department or family is involved.

Let us just go autopilot and wash ‘em all together. What say?

Geez! Stop right there!

This will never work, especially if you have items of clothing that require special care. For instance, garments with embroidery or patches on them must be washed with special instructions in order to preserve them. Goodness gracious, what now?

That is correct, chum! You must know how to properly care for items of clothing having embroidered patches on them. Otherwise, you will end up damaging a beautiful clothing article. And we certainly don’t want that, do we? Not a chance!

So, in order to help you with this laundry issue, we have written this guide. Below, we have discussed in detail all you need to know about keeping your patches squeaky clean without damaging them.

So, save yourself from headaches and read on!

Custom Embroidery Patches: Expert Tips To Keep Them Spick And Span

Embroidered patches are fancy add-ons that are attached to garments to represent an individual’s achievements, affiliations, interests, etc. They come in a massive variety of sizes, shapes, and colours. Proper maintenance and cleaning of these patches is vital to prolong their lifespan and maintain their appearance.

You must remove stains and dirt to refresh their vibrant colours and protect them from fading. The patch care instructions mainly depend on the type of patch and the fabric of the item to which it is attached. We have discussed some tips to keep them spick and span regardless of their types, so dive right in!

Keep Hand Washing A Priority

There is no doubt that custom embroidered patches are delicate. Thus, it is ideal to wash them by hand. Hand washing is typically the safest option. In order to wash your fancy applique, we suggest you follow the steps given below:

  1. Fill a small bowl or basin with lukewarm water. Add a small amount of mild detergent. Keep in mind that the water is not too cold or hot, as this might cause the colour of the patch to bleed or even fade.
  2. Carefully ruffle the water in order to create suds. By doing so, you will help to loosen any debris or dirt that might be stuck on your add-on
  3. Place the patch in the bowl or basin, and gently scrub the surface of the patch with the help of a soft-bristled brush or clean cloth. Steer clear of using any abrasive or rough materials, as they will damage the threads of your embroidered patch
  4. Once you are certain that all the debris and dirt is out from your patch, rinse your add-on thoroughly with clean water to get rid of all the soap residue. Ensure to get all the areas of the patch, i.e. any raised or embellished areas
  5. Squeeze the patch gently in order to remove all the excess water. After that, lay your patch garment flat on a clean, dry towel and let it air dry. Do not twist or wrangle the patch as it will damage or misshapen it.

Washing Machine Mode

If you have no time to wash your patches by hand, then there is one other option, too – tossing ‘em in the washing machine. That is correct! However, machine washing is not as safe as washing them by hand. Thus, there are several precautions that you must take in order to reduce the damage caused by the harsh swishing of the machine. These precautions are listed below:

  1. Flip your patched garment inside out prior to throwing it in the washing machine
  2. Use a moderate detergent and cold water and wash your patch on a gentle cycle
  3. You can also use a laundry bag to protect the add-ons from any unrequired rubbing during washing

Dry Before Try!

Hand washing or machine washing, no matter which option you choose, make sure to press your garment lightly between soft towels. This will help to get rid of excess water after you wash them. Do not twist the fabric, or else you will ruin the good shape of your fancy add-ons. Moreover, we repeat, DO NOT dry your patched garment in the sun. If you lay it exposed to the harsh rays of sunlight, your patch will be ruined and fade for good. 

Iron And Won!

After cleaning your patch, one thing is essential. Can you guess what it is? Let us tell you! Ironing them, silly! A patched garment must be ironed with extra attention to avoid destroying the patches. You can cover the add-ons by flipping out your article of clothing inside out. Make sure to iron on a low setting and press lightly across the garment, but avoid the patches altogether. By doing so, you will unwrinkle the fabric without destroying the delicate threads of your patches.

Keep An Eye On Your Patch

There, there! After your patches are all squeaky, clean, and dry, give yourself a pat on the back. Bravo, mate! Now, there is one thing that we would like for you to keep in mind: the patches require maintenance from time to time. Moreover, they also demand immediate attention to any lost or damaged threads. Thus, we urge you to routinely check your patched garments to see if any threads are coming undone. By taking such precautions, you can prolong the life of your custom embroidery patches.

Avoid Bleach

Ooh! How can we forget about this tip? You must be aware by now that patches are indeed delicate items. Therefore, using strong chemicals such as bleach to get rid of the stains might be the most foolish thing to do with them. Instead of strong chemicals or bleach, opt for a gentle stain remover made for fine fabrics.  Quick Tip? Prior to using the gentle stain remover on the entire patch, it would be much wiser to test it on a hidden and small patch section.

Care And Store

Lastly, maintaining the integrity of your add-ons requires cautious archival storage. It is ideal to put the patched garment in a dry, clean container to prevent any damage or fading. If you want to keep the garment from stretching and creasing, you must not hang it from a wire hanger. Instead, keep them in a fabric bag that allows air to pass through in order to prevent harm from elements such as dust.

Moreover, keep in consideration that you must never store a patched item of clothing in damp areas or in direct sunlight. Such conditions can cause discolouration or fading. Storing your patches correctly will help to make sure that they remain in excellent condition and stay vibrant for longer periods of time.

Summing It All Up!

Looking after your patch can go a long way. So, if you have read the information given above, you are all set to make your patches look as pure as snow. Furthermore, with the right steps, you can even extend the life of your patches. Perfect! Make sure to follow these tips if you want your patches to shine a bit brighter.

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