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A Complete Guide To Customize Your Caps And Hats In A Stylish Way

Caps have been with us for ages now. They are fashionable yet functional. Not only that, it is a great way to promote the company. A lot of work goes into making caps, but your company will thank you once it’s done. Hats are the best way to show your affiliation throughout the year. All you have to do is to choose the hat style and design. Customizing a cap is way easier than manufacturing it. You have to go through several steps to get personalized headgear.

This is the ultimate guide that will teach you how to stylishly customize your caps. So stay with us until the end to learn how to do it. 

Tricks To Customize Your Head wear In The Best Way Possible

  • Find Your Supplier

Don’t let your intrusive thoughts win that going to the store and finding a blank cap seems like the easiest option. But it’s not. The cost will be cheaper if you buy it from a whole seller. It depends on the quantity that you require.

The whole seller is an organization that sells items in bulk. It might seem like a hustle to find a wholesaler and place an order, but it’s not that hard. You will thank yourself for getting them at the cheapest price available. They might also give you suggestions about the designs, whether you should apply custom patches over them or print them.

  • Style Of Your Hat

It would be best to consider the cap style before starting the design. There are way more options than you think; you can choose the style you like best. If you are customizing it for many people, you might want to try different types, like baseball caps which are comfy and provide good protection from the sun. So mostly people wear them in daily wear. Then the beany is popular these days, but you have to consider it according to the season you are using it. Choosing a style is easy. Choose a couple of them and compare their prices. Then see how many you will need. Remember ordering more at once means paying less for shipping.

  • Design Your Hat

The design of the patch depends on what customization process you choose. Other methods will take more time and supplies than others. There are three basic ways to design headwear: patches, HTV and screen printing. Pick the design process that supports your budget and skills.

Options To Design Your Hats

  • Patches

The easiest way to design customized caps is through patches. You can order a bunch of patches online, and then you can sew them or iron them. Badges are sold in bulk at reasonable prices. Remember that iron-on patches are easy to apply, but they are less secure. Your patch may lift or might fall if the glue isn’t strong enough. Sewing your patch is much more secure and unlikely to fall off. If sewing is hard for you, then you can learn it online, as there are many videos online that can teach you how to sew nicely.

  • Screen Printing

There is no doubt that this is the most difficult of all methods. It requires a lot of supplies like hat platen, screen printing ink and the rest, depending on your design. Before you actually do it on your hat, practice on a shirt or any flat surface. It makes the design durable and makes it look flattering.

  • Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)

Using heat transfer vinyl requires a little bit of practice. If you choose this method, you should be familiar with using a vinyl cutter. You might need a heat press or iron. Let us give you a pro tip; hats are thick to apply HTV. You would need a sturdy surface underneath the hat so that you can apply enough pressure over it. You should use thicker vinyl, or the lines might show on the cap.

  • Custom Hat Design Ideas

The next question that comes up is where to do your design. That depends on the headwear and the artwork you are going for. If you are designing a beany, the most popular place would be in the lower front of the beany. It is most recommended to go for solid colors while choosing headwear. You can easily find service providers offering cap printing in Abu Dhabi who won’t only provide you with suggestions but also help you with customization. If you are doing it for a team or your company, then you would already have a logo. Just make sure that the logo is clearly visible and that the colors on the logo complement the cap’s color.

The next thing that is important is the material you are choosing. Make sure you choose comfortable fabric and that it has a size adjuster at the back of it. These small details are really important, or else you won’t get the desired results. So make sure not to make these silly mistakes while designing a cap.

  • Mistakes To Avoid

The first thing you should make sure of is whether or not you are using the right material. For instance, polyester caps! Just don’t use them. Whether you want protection from the sun or want the heat to cool down, the material is miserable at both jobs. Also, the color scheme can make or break the whole outlook of your headwear. Do not go for an odd combination that makes it look unflattering. The primary motive of customization is to give your hats and caps a bold, vibrant, and stylish enhancement.

Let’s Conclude This Debate

Caps are one of those things which are never enough, no matter how many you have them. Designing a cap takes a lot of concentration, but in the end, all the efforts are worth it. Just make sure you choose the style you like the most, and the design you are choosing is complementing the cap. Avoid mistakes like choosing a weird color combination or not placing the design in the appropriate position. Follow all these steps carefully if you want to give your head wear a major style uplift.

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